Cross Country

Today was Cross Country! The Grade 1’s got to participate for the first time and had a ball! Even from the start of the day the students were super excited to give it a go. We are very proud of how well they performed and everyone tried their hardest! 1R would love to thank the parents and grandparents who came out to watch us or help out as it made it even more exciting!!

Grandparents and Special Visitors Day

For the end of our unit ‘ Then and Now – Families’ we invited our Grandparents and other special people to visit the school, in order to see our new classroom and all the cool things we have gotten up to over the Term. The visitors joined us in some old fashioned games such as pick-up sticks, card games, connect four, quoits, skipping and hula hoops. We then took them for a picnic out on the grass. It was a beautiful day and we loved being given the opportunity to showcase our classroom to the special people in our lives.

Harmony Day

We got to celebrate all the things that make us unique and celebrate different cultures on Harmony Day.  “Everyone Belongs” was our topic for the day, we discussed all the things that make us the same and all the things that are different. More importantly we discussed how these differences make us special and make the world a more interesting, colourful and exciting place. We dressed in Orange or traditional costumes of our country to show our support.


Chinese New Year

Our school celebrated Chinese New Year at the end of the festivities. Many of us dressed up in red or traditional Chinese clothing. We made dragon masks and red envelopes. The whole school took part in a Parade which had a dragon, lion and Chinese music. Everyone had the chance to show off the different things they had made over the week. The Chinese dragon and lion were the highlight of the parade. We had a special visitor to the class who told us stories of the lantern festival and how they celebrate Chinese New Year. We made pretend dumplings out of Play-dough and had heaps of fun learning how to Celebrate Chinese New Year in style! Continue reading

Sammy Sloth

In 1R we have a very special class mascot. His name is Sammy sloth and he loves to go home with students to learn all about the fun and interesting things they do over the weekend. He spent the first half of the term watching over all of us from Miss Reynolds desk before he was finally ready to go on some adventures. He has had an awesome time with the students so far and looks forward to getting to visit the other students homes. KEEP SMILING SAMMY!


Welcome to 1R

Welcome to Grade 1R’s blog. Here you will see all of the new and exciting things we learn, do and see. We can’t wait to share our adventures with you and get a chance to look back on the exciting times we have had!