Our Trip to the Aquarium!

Last week we went to the Sea Life Aquarium! We ventured into the city on a bus , had our lunch by the river and then we met our tour guide Mel! Mel took us through the Aquarium and we got to see some amazing things! We held Shark eggs and touched sea stars! We saw stingrays, sharks, sea horses and many different types of fish. We loved every second of it!


This term we had the chance to make Robotic crabs in small groups. We had a blast! We worked together to design and create the crabs out of paper plates and added a battery pack and running motor! We then added a peg to the spinning motor which helped the crab scuttle from side to side! We worked well in our groups and were all successful in getting the crabs to run!

Literature Festival Creations

We were lucky enough to be visited by multiple authors for the Literature Festival! We learnt lots about all the work that goes into writing a picture story book as well as illustrating one! Mitch Vane taught us some tricks for creating the perfect illustration and we had the chance to create our our awesome versions of her illustrations!

We are Super savers!

We were very lucky to attend a SMART saver talk where we learnt lots of important things about the difference between the things we WANT and the things that we NEED! We also learnt more about the value of money and are getting really good at ordering coins according to their value! The best part was that we got to learn it all from a superhero!

New Heights for Spaghetti-kind

We have loved this science unit! From creating pictures out of cooked spaghetti, melting chocolate using our hands and a clip lock bag , cooking popcorn, melting and refreezing icy poles and creating spaghetti towers, we really have done it all. We could not contain our excitement for what was to come each time Science appeared on our timetable!

Here are some of our Spaghetti creations!

The Sailor’s Life for me!

Yesterday we did a STEM activity which involved designing a boat out of tin foil which could hold as many unifix blocks as possible! We all got given the same sized piece of foil and worked in pairs to design and create the perfect boat. Some of us had issues and ended up getting holes in our boat during the creation stage, however overall we created some interesting and effective boat designs! There were two stand out boats. The first held 125 unifix blocks and the winning design held 220 unifix blocks before it sunk! The winning boat is pictured below. We loved this activity!


Spelling words

Over the past two weeks in our reading groups we have been using other materials to learn our spelling words. We were so incredibly excited by the activity that interest in reading rotations was at an  all time high!

We used white oil pastels to write out our words. It was as if the words were invisible! We then used watercolour paint to reveal what we had written! It made us so happy that we wrote out our words multiple times!