The Sailor’s Life for me!

Yesterday we did a STEM activity which involved designing a boat out of tin foil which could hold as many unifix blocks as possible! We all got given the same sized piece of foil and worked in pairs to design and create the perfect boat. Some of us had issues and ended up getting holes in our boat during the creation stage, however overall we created some interesting and effective boat designs! There were two stand out boats. The first held 125 unifix blocks and the winning design held 220 unifix blocks before it sunk! The winning boat is pictured below. We loved this activity!


Spelling words

Over the past two weeks in our reading groups we have been using other materials to learn our spelling words. We were so incredibly excited by the activity that interest in reading rotations was at an  all time high!

We used white oil pastels to write out our words. It was as if the words were invisible! We then used watercolour paint to reveal what we had written! It made us so happy that we wrote out our words multiple times!


Tying Our Laces

Since the beginning of the year we have had a wooden shoe in our classroom which we use to practice tying our shoelaces. We help each other whilst we are eating our lunch and recess. Many of us have made great progress in mastering the art of tying our laces. Look at how hard we are working!!


Melting into Calmness

Here we are relaxing and becoming calm. After lunch we are usually quite excited and sometimes stressed. This stress may come from issues in the playground, troubles with friends and sometimes falling down. We watch GoNoodle videos to help us relax and to help us not feel upset anymore. In this video we are melting into a puddle. We move slowly, down to the floor. We feel completely relaxed by the end of the session. We learn new words and ways to relax and fight stress. GoooooNoodle!!!






Cross Country

Today was Cross Country! The Grade 1’s got to participate for the first time and had a ball! Even from the start of the day the students were super excited to give it a go. We are very proud of how well they performed and everyone tried their hardest! 1R would love to thank the parents and grandparents who came out to watch us or help out as it made it even more exciting!!

Grandparents and Special Visitors Day

For the end of our unit ‘ Then and Now – Families’ we invited our Grandparents and other special people to visit the school, in order to see our new classroom and all the cool things we have gotten up to over the Term. The visitors joined us in some old fashioned games such as pick-up sticks, card games, connect four, quoits, skipping and hula hoops. We then took them for a picnic out on the grass. It was a beautiful day and we loved being given the opportunity to showcase our classroom to the special people in our lives.

Harmony Day

We got to celebrate all the things that make us unique and celebrate different cultures on Harmony Day.  “Everyone Belongs” was our topic for the day, we discussed all the things that make us the same and all the things that are different. More importantly we discussed how these differences make us special and make the world a more interesting, colourful and exciting place. We dressed in Orange or traditional costumes of our country to show our support.